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Descisions at the Round Table

Groundwork/handwork test

To become a knight, squires do not only have to do a longe test but also a groundwork / handwork test.

This test can be done with a cavesson, with a longe (groundwork) or with reins (work in hand) and a wooden hand wip. In work in hand also a bit can be used.

The groundwork/handwork test consists the walk exercises of the squiretest.

All new knights must do the longetest and groundwork/work in hand test.

Order of the tests
A rider can do the following tests:
1. The squiretest (basic test to enter the knighthood)
2. The longetest
3. The groundwork/handwork test

After these three steps/tests, the squire can do the following:

1. He/she can do the knighttest to become a knight.
2. He/she can educate a new squire to become an ‘advanced squire’

Advanced Squire
* The advanced squire is allowed to bring his/her new squire to the round table.
* The advanced squire is allowed to speak at the round table.
* The advanced squire is not allowed to vote at the round table.
* Advanced squires will be named on the website with their squire(s).

Active squire
A squire has to show the basic level of squire again within 3 years OR educate a new squire.

School halt – Parada d’Escuela
All members of the knighthood are invited to gather material like pictures, text, sculptures, copper prints etc. to talk next year about the ‘school halt’ to expand the knowledge about this exercise.

Members of the knighthood can also bring a tape of their horse with a performance of this exercise.

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